The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was an important time period in American history. It greatly affected the economy, industry, and standard of living for people in the United States. It still has everlasting effects to this day. Most of the products we use today are made quickly by the process of mass production. Today, people work on assembly lines using power-driven machines. People of ancient and medieval times had no such products. They had to spend many hours of hand labor to create very simple objects. The energy came from their muscles. Eventually some advancement occurred when people began using animals to help with the work they used to do alone. The Industrial Revolution was the movement in which machinery changed the methods of manufacturing goods and ultimately changed everyday life for workers (Remini).

There were many things that helped ignite the Industrial Revolution. The most important change was the invention of machinery to do the work of hand tools, and the factory system. Before the creation of machinery children and adults did most of the work in order to have the products needed for civilized life. The Industrial Revolution was a gradual movement but it was still a radical change from the old way of producing goods. The Industrial Revolution became more powerful each year as new inventions were added into factories. The efficiency of production increased as these machines increased the speed of production.

The Industrial Revolution started early in the 1800s in Europe but began late in the middle of the 1800s in America (Daniels & Hyslop pg 271). England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The English merchants were ahead in the development of commerce, which increased the demand for more goods. With...

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...p us complete our work started with the Industrial Revolution and shows no signs of slowing down (Remini).

The Industrial Revolution led to other revolutions, which further advanced our technology. The Transportation Revolution, Communications Revolution, and the Information Revolution can all be traced back to the Industrial Revolution. These revolutions had added to the prosperity of humankind, and each of them had their effects on society.

The Industrial Revolution had far more of an impact on us than any other political revolutions of the era, mainly because the effects of the Industrial Revolution last much longer. For example, today we have automobiles, televisions, and computers, which were all made possible because of the effects of the Industrial Revolution. Without the Industrial Revolution, we probably would not have all the luxuries we have today.
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