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As time has gone on political parties have begun to be less influential compared to what they once were, and media has become more and more dominant. While media has become more important, separate sources of information have begun to focus on different topics, or reporting more about one subject as compared to another. Certain news sources focus more on entertainment, some focus on global issues, and others focus on politics in the United States. From looking at different media outlets it is visible that different forms of news focus on different stories and headlines, and they present it in all different ways.
The first source that you could look at is a newspaper, for example the New York Times. When looking at the website it is easy to tell that this newspaper focuses on a lot of different topics. They have tabs for world, U.S., Politics, technology, sports, health, arts, and more. Even though this paper does include just about every topic of news anybody could want, its “headlines” somehow always have something to do with the United States government or politics. On November sixth for example their big story was Twitter stock prices, and election results. The other stories that were included on the front page were about Obamacare and a United States nuclear deal with Iran. Yes they do have some world news as a big headline, like the typhoon in the Philippines, but if you were to just scroll down a “Supreme Court” story would pop up on your screen. The main reason that the NY Times and other newspapers may focus more on the government and politics is to direct their news at people with higher efficacy. To go out and get a paper, or read a newspaper online takes a lot of effort, and shows somebody going out to look for the...

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...t forms of news focus on different stories and headlines, and they present it in all different ways. Through looking at all forms of media it is easy to see that by presenting different stories, and in different forms, certain forms of media reach out to different types of people. Newspapers try to look to attract people with a little more efficacy, TV stations try to get the highest amount of viewers possible by featuring more entertaining stories, and blogs are somewhere in between. As the media has become more influential it has become the linkage institution between politics and the citizens, through this growth in power many different forms of media have sprouted, each with a different purpose. The question for the future now is: Which form of media will come out on top? The newspaper with more information? Or the television stations with entertainment stories?
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