The Mass Media's Effect On Politics And Politics

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Introduction The main aim of this report is to analyze the impacts of changes in the media concerning the societal and individual view of politics and politicians. The report also describes significant milestones in mass media since the year 1960 and examines the impact of mass media on how people think politically. The report then considers the effect of technological advancements in mass media and the effect on the results of elections. The use of mass media has increased over the last fifty years in that it is a primary medium through which supporters of various campaigners share their ideas and views concerning politicians and different political parties. Through social media, behaviors and performance of several activists have brought…show more content…
This new source of communication allowed for the instant reporting of information to the people of the United States. As a result, there was a positive influence on commerce and politics in that people used it as a marketing medium. Politicians, on the other hand, used the opportunity in airing their objectives and goals towards nations so that people could vote for them (Dominick 2010). Social media in presidential campaigns In the US, mass media plays a significant role in politics. One of the key roles mass media plays in politics includes the airing of the platforms of various politicians. The media influences the view of people on politics and politicians. As the opinion of individuals is affected, the results of the votes are consequently changed (Holden, 2016). During the Kennedy/Nixon campaign in 1960 in their presidential bid, the media had to play a role in influencing the outcomes of votes. For instance, during the campaigns, the media showed that Nixon should have spent more of his time practicing what he would say to the audience rather than focused on the physical impression he would make. This approach had an adverse impact on how he was viewed since the powder that he applied to his person started fading as he was sweating during the…show more content…
The changes in social media implied that many people got in touch with the political candidates either directly or indirectly. The people watched their potential leaders of the nation and were able to question them (Mutz 2001). Differences between social media and mass media Social media entails the use of phones, laptops and other portable devices. In social media, people can stay in touch with their loved ones; they can share ideas, comment on people’s ideas and like brands of various products. Mass media, on the other hand, is a combination of different technologies, and their main aim is to reach a larger audience (Pérez 2010). Ways in which mass media influences societal and individual thinking Media also influences the thinking of people and society in general through entertainment as well as advertising and marketing campaigns. It is the creative ideas and boost to the imagination that people get once they watch a television show, movie, commercial or listen to a certain song. The impact any of these forms of media can have on an individual’s thinking can change in that most of them view the various stars in the movies, TV or the music industry as role models and as a result, they start imitating them. This type of influence oftentimes will influence the way someone views a political

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