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Mc café customers :

According to the study of south-east mc cafe consumer demographics carried by infoscut ,the consumers characteristics of mc cafe could be divided into three categories. First,the majority customers dimension is around $40K-$10K, it means that the customers are middle-class level. Another significant characteristics is that the dominative customer are working class such as 45+.For aged 25-39. Many within this group have young families. McCafé are designed to offer them a place to meet friends and enjoy a quality coffee Mc café customers .

Purchase decision process
When a buyer considers what to buy the goods and services ,it will pass through the process of purchase decision process ranging
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First, there are huge demand in coffee market in Hong Kong, according to the Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association, Hong Kong citizens consume 50 cup of coffee per year in average. Although there are numerous coffee shop in market ranging from chain shop to small-scale shop, the price of purchasing a cup of coffee is quite high, it is almost 30 dollar per one. For the lower class group, they want to enjoy the coffee with a affordable price .In fact, coffee is a normal good among the lower class, it may satisfy a kind of conspicuous consumption and get the social attention among the social network (Hierarchy of needs, Maslow);for the middle class, As they relatively have higher income than the lower-class, they will focus more on the quality of product in order to achieve the self-actualization such as the lifestyle of coffee (hierarchy of needs, Maslow). Therefore, they will find out the certain quality of coffee and goods eg cake. The advertisement below is showing a certain coffee bean of Mc cafe

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