The Annual Coffee Consumption in Seattle

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Wandering in Seattle, you can see a lot of people holding a cup in their hands. What are they all drinking? Coffee! The smell of coffee may represent one of the Seattle’s tempting scent. People in Seattle have a great fancy of coffee. It might because of the rainy days in Seattle, coffee might be seen as an element to enliven the dank life. Also, it might because people here are really relaxed. Coffee has already entered into the spirit of Seattle. Coffee shops scatter in every corner of Seattle. People always like to bring magazines, newspapers, and laptops there for reading, chatting, surfing the internet, and working. Enjoying the wonderful atmosphere in coffee shops after the busy work is a wonderful way for people to relax themselves. The coffee culture has promoted economic consumption level in Seattle. The annual coffee consumption in Seattle is huge, and Seattle is the origin of the world’s largest coffee shop chain, Starbucks. It was first opened in Seattle in 1971 with an invisible shop in the Pike Place. But nowadays, Starbuck owns more than 6000 branches all over the worl...

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