Mathematics and Science: My Favorite Subjects

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My pedestal quality lies in the area of mathematics. It polishes my academic armor and sharpens my sword of educational merit. Mathematics is the backbone of my academic figure. Arithmetic and functions come like breathing and a math challenge is always appreciated; however, in no way is my prestige in math providing even the smallest level of interest for me. In fact, mathematics to me is comparable to a wrench in a toolbox: useful when needed, but otherwise useless. Nevertheless, my understanding of this subject provides exceptional resources to students in need. My job at Enopi, an educational math institution for young minds from 1st – 8th grade, provides teachers like myself to supply students with help in school homework assignments and Enopi supplemental packets. In addition, several students from Cleveland High School ask for my private SAT Math sessions, in which I would go to individual’s home and give insight on how he or she should approach the test accordingly to their expecting results. Yet, despite the joy I receive from helping students, the subject itself is not ...

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