Mass Media Case Study

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Introduction Mass media has an important role in modern democratic society as the primary channel of communication for most civilized nations. A citizen relies on the media as the main source of information and the basis on which they form their ideas and opinions. Mass media can bring radical changes and improve many situations as it influences our social, civil, cultural, political, economic outlook. The modernization of mass media has converted media into an indispensable feature of human activity. However, factors like age, education, economic conditions, personal needs and availability of proper components decide how frequently mass media is consumed. Citizens rely on mass media for identifying problems in our society and serve as a medium…show more content…
Instead of individual media organizations competing for advertising revenue among a range of local organizations, conglomerate media organizations are now purchasing wholesale advertising and media content for any or all of their brands in a single media market all owned by a conglomerate (Lule, 2012). Lule states, “the economics of mass media has become a matter of macroeconomic proportions.” The implications of this go beyond mass media. Due to conglomerate organizations now owning nearly every mass media outlet, ongoing fears of conglomerate control of mass media messaging have intensified (Liu & Albarran, 2009). In order to challenge these fears of control, there needs to be a countercurrent to provide diversity in mass media. For example, due to the advent of the internet, free classified services such as Craigslist has allowed for an increase in competition between the print and online media. Furthermore, the economics of mass media has changed due to the internet being a game-changer throughout the media industry. The economic implications of the internet have altered how mass media functions permanently. More so by the drastic increase in free mass media content that is available. Through synergy of mass media combined with the internet and traditional media, organizations of all sizes now have the ability to establish…show more content…
Mass media has the power to both create and destroy almost anything. The information mass media provides is interpreted differently by each individual, and how this information is utilized can create impactful results—both positive and negative. Information generated by mass media has and is affecting the development and effects of media, the economics, and the changes being made in society through social change by altering the consumer’s attitudes and behaviors, and their overall perception of society as a whole. Sure, the influence of the mass media can be indirect and difficult to monitor, measure, and understand at time; but, mass media is an important instrument to be used in continuous efforts to improve people 's quality of life. That is why the profound and vast influence of mass media and the role it has in modern democratic society needs to be taken into consideration, as each individual has become more reliable on consulting the media to satisfy their constant wants and
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