Changes in Digital Technology and Their Effects on Mass Media

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Digital technology has caused a recent surge in the way our culture consumes mass media. Mass media involves the basic characteristic of communication to large audiences. Communication is a vital characteristic which people use everyday. This communication can be done through pleura of methods such as radio, print newspapers, broadcast television, Internet, telephones, etc. Digital technology has allowed for far more possibilities for productivity than traditional methods before. Digital technology has given people the power to express themselves via blogs, social media sites, pictures, and other user-friendly programs. Digital technology has come a long way and constantly is being improved everyday. Due to the rising surge in digital technology, traditional mass media producers have changed to accommodate the trend of using digital technology.

Traditional mass media producers have found that using digital communication allows for far greater possibilities. Digital communication involves, “images, text, and sounds are converted into electronic signals and reproduction of, say, a TV picture, a magazine article, a song, or a telephone voice” (pg. 9). Digital communication allows for more effective communication that can be transmitted globally between individuals. Using these new forms of digital communications have results in new methods such as social media and bloggers. One example of digital communication through blogging is the power of Internet bloggers over network news shows. For example, “people who post commentary on cultural, personal, and political-opinion-based Web site ¬– had become a key element in news” (pg. 9). Mainstream cable news networks were losing audiences to MTV, CNN, MSNBC, and radio talk shows due to the...

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...ned a world for new types of developers to create things for people to use such as cooking, productivity, banking, games, exercise, and etc. types of applications. Mobile has provided a new way for digital technology to be experienced.

Digital technology has made in impact on how we consume media. It has provided new ways of communications with others. Whether through blogs, social media, photo sharing, video sharing, communication has become more broad and effective through digital technology. The Internet has provided the foundation for the expansion of digital technology. Mass media has changed and been able to offer more information to more people through the Internet. With the increase in mobile devices, digital technology will further expand the way we use media. Digital Technology has unlimited potential and will further change how we consume mass media.

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