Marketing And Marketing: The Importance Of Internet Marketing

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The importance of Internet use is continually rising (Filipovic 2015). Small and medium enterprises use Internet marketing to reach their segment (Sasinovskaya Anderson 2011). Marketers make numerous of actions to increase brand equity as they believe that the brand value is the final product for the clients (Aaker 1996 and Ding, Cherng G.Tseng Timmy 2015 ). In many developing countries citizens utilize the internet to socialize. Trade companies realized the opportunity to advertise their products or services via the social web using the internet and the social media (Yan Xin, Janice; Ramayah, T; Soto-Acosta, Pedro; 2014). To understand better the application of social media in brand value or brand awareness, it is crucial to underline two…show more content…
Some companies use the social media as the pillar of their marketing communication. As the information disseminates through the social media, companies use the social media to regulate the information. Social media deliver the power for the companies to interact with their clients or with their potential clients to build relationships and increase the loyalty (Smith, Katherine Taken; Blazovich, Janell L; Smith, L. Murphy 2015). The choice of social media for a firm should meet specific needs to fulfill their marketing mix. As Weinberg and Pehlivan (2011) underlined there is a variety of two particular dimensions which categorize the social media. The two factors are the depth of the information and the half-life of information. The extent of the information refers to rich content and the amount of diversity of aspects. The half-life of information refers to the period that the information, is available or appear on the screen (Figure 2-1). According to the marketing targets, the firm could select to use Facebook or…show more content…
The use of the Internet and social media gave a new perspective on these models (Constantinedes 2006). Jager (2007) underlined the discrimination of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion by the firms which use the Internet and the social media. Starting companies spend time and money on Internet (Google Ads, SEO) and social media, they need to create a strategy. A successful Internet and social media strategy benefit companies to save time and money as they can reach their segment more efficient (Schaffer, Neal 2013). Considering, for instance, one basic “P” the Place, the social media gave a broader environment for the firms to advertise their products or services (Bernhardt, Jay M; Mays, Darren; Hall, Amanda K2012). Many companies face competition in a physical world “marketplace” and in a digital world “market-space.” A new attitude of commerce is the “market-face” which is the interface between market-space and marketplace (Tapscott 2000). Juhasz, Jeremy (2014) underline the sententiousness of “5P’s” model in social media analyzed as Plan: every marketer should have a strategy to accomplish the particular goals. Patient: Nothing happens in one day. To create a network, strong relationships and establish the credibility of your brand needs time. Day-to-day activities should refer to long-term goals. Persistence: once the Plan is according to the
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