Marilyn Monroe Cause

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What Is The Most Likely Cause Of Marilyn Monroe’s Death? Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest sex symbols of the United States along with being a beloved actress and model. Obviously, her death was a true tragedy and many Americans were devastated to find out that one of their favorite icons had “commited suicide”. To this day, her death still remains a mystery due to the lack of reliability of evidence and the many “holes” in the investigation. Since Monroe’s death, the public has been roaring with conspiracy theories and allegations regarding her death. Although her death was officially ruled a probable suicide, evidence shows that it is possible that John F. Kennedy or Robert Kennedy could have murdered her. In the beginning, Marilyn Monroe had an oppressive life, having to deal with many obstacles, but she certainly did not…show more content…
The many theories surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death raise suspensions, and although there is evidence that supports them, there is also evidence to tear them down. The official ruling of Marilyn Monroe’s death as a suicide is very questionable and brings many to wonder, “What Is The Real Cause Of Marilyn Monroe’s Death?” Works Cited
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