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Murder in the First Degree: The Tragedy of Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after women, was a famous actress and model. Betty Richardson, author of “Marilyn Monroe,” explains that Monroe was an orphan for most of her childhood and lived in many abusive foster homes; yet, she rose to fame after catching a photographer’s attention in 1945. However, her success was short-lived. J.I. Baker, a reporter for People, explains that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in Brentwood California on August 5, 1962. It was pronounced a “probable suicide” because pill bottles were found at the crime scene and her family had a history of mental health issues (Baker). Monroe’s death became known as one of the “greatest mysteries of the…show more content…
Marilyn was thriving at the time of her death. She recently started a new movie and was awarded for her acting ability. This is inconsistent with the findings of suicidal behaviors. Often, people with a bright future do not have a high risk of committing suicide. The theory of suicide is also discredited by the lack of evidence leading to this conclusion. There was no pill residue in Marilyn’s stomach and no glass of water found at the crime scene. Murray’s flawed story about how she found Marilyn’s body, the delay in calling the police, the maid cleaning during the crime scene investigation, and the mysterious disappearance of the drug tests proves that there was a cover-up. This suspicious behavior along with the debunked suicide theory leads to the conclusion that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. Although the killer is unknown, people that are knowledgeable about the Monroe case speculate that the Kennedy brothers, the Mafia, or Marilyn’s doctor killed her for various reasons. Marilyn’s mysterious death leaves fans with far more questions than answers; yet, with the indisputable evidence, it is apparent that the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe was a murder in the first

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