Mandatory Community Service In College-Bound Students

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Although community serviced is beneficial is beneficial for a teenager's development of both character and academic, but when community services become required or mandatory, the original purpose of community services is being altered and have a more negative effect than positive on the students. Resume padding is very prevalent in college-bound student who volunteers, some of the students are not willingly to volunteer but rather being "forced" to volunteer to increase their acceptance rate into particular colleges. Mandatory volunteerism might also have negative effects on students' intentions to volunteer freely in the future. Furthermore, through statistics of numerous researches, most students currently in school do not support mandatory volunteer. Community services is a considered to be a good deed by many, giving up your time to help others in need. However, when intention of doing such good deed becomes adulterated and polluted, the deed itself becomes questionable as well. "Resume Padding is a symptom of the extraordinary pressure put on young people to achieve a college education, and the very explicit understanding that a college education is a means to a decent life in the middle class," as the word is defined by Dennis Chaptman. Many young people who become involved in …show more content…

Key word here being "freely", when a student is required to volunteer in order to acquire a high school diploma, the game changes completely and becomes unfair for those who are not ready to volunteer. A person's motivation to do something should be justified, when students are being forced into community service, "they are less likely to get involved into volunteering again."(Mandatory Volunteerism, Arthur Stukas) When being forced into something, a person is undoubtedly to have a negative feeling toward that thing, after all, mandatory community service is a punishment for minor

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