Why Should Mandatory Community Service Be Mandatory

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Should 40 hours of community service be mandatory? Welcome ladies and gentlemen , my name is Gary Gidhay. I am here today to convince you that the minimum requirement of 40 volunteer hours is not only helpful to your community, but it is also essential to the development and health of the average teen. Now the average teen is bombarded with distractions, some of these being social networks, friends,family affairs/problems,video games, and even relationships in general. Some adults may think that these can be easily avoided , however those people are incredibly wrong. Being a teen in this generation is like nothing anyone will ever experience , we have everything at our fingertips , we have so many things to do it is almost impossible to get anything productive done. This is just one reason why the 40 mandatory community service hours are incredibly important to teens. These hours teach us things that if we were not forced to do , we would never learn and would make it very hard for us to strive in a typical work environment. We learn skills that we will use for the rest of our...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that 40 volunteer hours are essential to the development and health of the average teen.
  • Explains that when volunteering, they are forced to talk to new people every single day. they learn to adapt to them and behave and talk around them.
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