Manager Management Assignment

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QUESTION # 1 The manager’s most basic responsibilities are to focus people toward performance of work activities to achieve desired outcomes.” What’s your interpretation of this statement? Do you agree whit this statement? Why or why not? Yes the manager’s most basic responsibilities is to focus people toward performance of work activities to achieve desired outcomes. Basically there are five responsibilities of a managers planning, organizing, leading, controlling, staffing. Planning: It means to determine organizational goal and then to achieve them. Organizing: Deciding where decision will be made and who will do what jobs and tasks and who will work for whom. Leading: It means to inspire and motivate the people or workers to work hard to achieve organizational goals. Controlling: It means to monitoring progress towards goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed. If a manager is a good planner and he knows and can get organizational goal, then he can also organize their organization as well and when he organized their organization in a good manner then he can lead or motivate people more effectively and can also control their organization in a best way. A good manager will focus on these four responsibilities. To become effective manager, you need to know that your employees are being as productive as possible and that the processes in place to facilitate completion of their tasks are working optimally. For this reason, it's important to not only evaluate your workers' performance, but also the processes they're using during the course of each workday. If an employee is falling short, find effective ways to motivate that individual to do a better job. If a process could be improved, gather input from your emp... ... middle of paper ... ...ake stakeholders opinion in it. There should be demonstrate competence by doing what you say and what will you do and also complete organizational promises should be there. Commitment You have to completely engage with stakeholders to build loyalty in your organization. Show stakeholders that you want to maintain a long term relationship with them. Communal relationship In this relationship one party believes that other party will provide those benefits with no expectation of return. When stakeholder believe that an organization helps people without any expectations in return ,the relatioshionship will be at different level as compare to if stakeholder believes that organization only trades benefit for benefit. .Exchange relationship In this type of relationship, both parties expect profit in return of profit. . These relationship mostly based on profit business.

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