Management Skills and Srategies to Personal Improvement

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Management skills and Strategies to Personal Improvement

Today, all organizations use the core management skills to achieve their intended goals. The core management skills include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These skills sets are very essential to all businesses and organizations, and help organizations to be effective. The skills are also crucial in creating healthy work environment for all employees. These skills have a direct effect on each task’s outcome and success of organizations. In order to bring effectiveness to the organizations, these core skills have to be exercised by managers. In addition, to be a good manager one is required to have interpersonal skill, time management skill, conceptual skill, diagnostic skill, technical and decision making skills. A manager with the effective skills of management places employees on a position where they provide their optimal contribution to the organization’s growth and success. If he/she lacks one of these skills, the work may suffer and affect the end results.

According to Griffin and Van Fleet (2014), developing effective management skills is a key to being a good manager. Each skill complements one another. Throughout the book, the authors have listed skills and strategies that will help my personal growth as a manager. (p. 9-10). I evaluated myself on my current understanding and practice of management practice. Based on the self-assessment quiz, there are areas that require my improvement in order for me to become a successful manager. I have identified the areas of improvement I would to focus on. I believe improving these core management skills will help me become a successful manager.

Below are the skills that needs I need to improve on:

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...ome more efficient. Good manager also looks for a talent and behaviors to reinforce among employees. In sum, managers should sharpen their skills to bring efficient and effective management to organizations.


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