Strengths And Weaknesses Of Human Behavior

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Human behavior is a very vast and complex topic as every individual is different from one another. Before one can work to understand individual behavior and personalities the basic principles of human cognition must be well understood. Cognition is the thought process in humans that describes how the information we constantly acquire is transformed, stored and used as knowledge in future decision making. Pretty much every mental process that a human can experience is cognition of some form and must be processed by the brain and then acted upon whether consciously or unconsciously. The brain will receive what is known as a stimuli or input from one of the five senses. This information is then processed by being passed through what is known…show more content…
They must facilitate the evolutionary process with in an organization. Managers must play the role of leader, negotiator, figurehead and communicator. In each of these roles, the manager’s goal is to help employees through the change with the least possible number of conflicts and issues. One of the greatest assets that I can bring to a management role is reliability and constancy. I will try my very best one hundred percent of the time to be as reliable as possible and this is true with in all aspects of my life and not just in a professional role. I am a constant person as I like to have things done in a certain order and have a set routine. However this aspect also plays into one of my weaknesses as a manager. I am resistant to change and can have a tendency to be somewhat nearsighted in regards to any particular task at hand. There are a number of things that I personally need to improve upon in order to become a truly successful manager, however for the purposes of this essay the number one key concept that will enable my further development in the workplace is to become a more goal orientated person. I am able to set goals for myself but I am very easily distracted and will often find myself branching out and undertaking several things at once and before I know it there are so many things going on that the original goal can become
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