Importance Of Human Skills

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Human skills are the most important attribute of any manager.

Management theorists have identified three critical skills that managers need to possess for successful work in an organization. They are conceptual, technical and human or interpersonal skills. Conceptual skills include the ability to think and express ideas about abstract and complex situations and visualize the organization’s condition in the environment. These skills are very important for top managers, the organization’s leaders. Technical skills require job-specific knowledge and techniques needed to proficiently perform work tasks. They are essential for first-line managers who typically are responsible for the main production of the organization’s products or services. According
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Motivation - is not only a category related to the internal state of a person. This is the most important factor, which directly determines the effectiveness of an employee at work. By increasing employee motivation, the team showing great progress and performance. Accordingly, the companies that apply such staff are more successful and profitable. A manager must clearly understand what exactly motivates his or her employees to work hard, and then it should be used to create a favorable climate for the team. A manager must also be capable to find an approach to the personality of each of his or her employees. Various motivational factors are an important tool for any manager who want effectively guide the work of staff in the performance of the tasks facing the organization. There are any forms of remuneration that are based on the work done, that include not only money, but also a variety of awards, honors, leadership recognition, bonuses, gratuities, gifts, and have serious impact on staff motivation. Also, the delegation of authority from the head of his subordinate is a common type of strong motivation. The employee receiving the confidence of his superiors, feel recognition and his relevance, which gives him confidence and strength. Consequently, all these factors create a favorable atmosphere in the workplace that allow the managers wisely encourage their staff to effectively carry out the work. As a result, the motivation can be as a cultivation of valuable human capital. The main challenge for you as a manager is not the work itself, but the people who create the work environment and perform their
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