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Mobile phones are long range, portable and wireless electronic device of communication. It is a part of introduction of new technology are influence the most of the restaurant business. The term “m- Commerce” stands for mobile commerce. It is the buying and selling of goods and services through portable devices such as cellular phone, personal digital assistance (PDA), smart phone and any other handheld devices rather than desktop or laptop computer. M-Commerce is a new channel or medium for commerce, presents unique feature such as ubiquity, personalization, flexibility and localization which are not available in traditional e-commerce, therefore has an opportunities for diverse functionalities and applications by providing customers with …show more content…

(Boadi, 2007)

• Infancy stage of m-commerce
M-commerce is still not well known by the public. Base on Lee (2008), in malaysia, even the Internet economy continues to rise from ashes, with strong spending growth in the e-commerce market, m-commerce in malaysi is still very much in an infancy stage. Malaysia had set out to receive m-commerce but services from m-commerce is still limited and only confined to email, mobile information procurement mobile ticketing mobile advertising and mobile music.
Currently the only ‘real’ m-commerce service in Malaysia are the purchase of Coke drinks from selected vending machine with that functionality. (Lee, 2008) This creates a partnership between F&N Coca Cola Malaysia and Celcom called ‘ring-a-coke’. (Lee, 2008)
From Lee (2008), the author state that a few companies such as Air Asia and Pos Malaysia also started to offer M-commerce to their customers where Air Asia is the first airline company in the world to offer a comprehensive booking system via mobile phone and wireless

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