Computer Pros And Cons Essay

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Pros of Computers
1. Communication technology: Bridge the cultural gap
With social media, chats, emails, and other channels you can abruptly communicate and get to know people from all the spheres of the world. This has aided to bridge the culture gap that exists in the world.
2. Learning Digital Skills in a Digital Space: Independent approach for skill development.
Independent approach helps them in effective time management, developing technological skills. The use of digital media, such as videos, can increase the interest level of students which enhances their understanding of the learning material.
3. Access to Information: Flexible and Convenient in schedule
Most online degree programs available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for
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Entertainment, Shopping: and Fun: glued users to the computers
You can use the internet to play games, listen to music, stream videos, and even read online books. There are many online sites that you can do all your shopping at your leisure time from the of your home of your convince. This may be why the young generations are so glued to the computers.
4. New economic Business Trends: It keeps up with the Times
Now internet has become the biggest marketing tool in business trends. People can make purchases in online through credit cards anything from anywhere in the world, and that anyone can become a business owner for their online business.
5. Comfort and pleasure: saving time and energy
The internet makes everything convenient at our doorstep to do anything without having to leave your bedroom. You can purchase anything right from ball point pen to Benz cars in online purchase, and communicate with people throughout the world without moving round the globe.
Cons of computers
1. Unemployment
Different multi tasking operations are performed automatically by using computers without human resources. It reduces the need of people and increases unemployment in society
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Impact on Environment
The computer manufacturing processes and computer waste are polluting the environment. The wasted parts of computer can release dangerous toxic materials. Green computer is a method to reduce the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a computer.
The Impact of Ict in inculcating Human values and Ethics among students
Positive Impact of Ict
1. The digital revolution is an opening door to increased communication of the global digital sphere, which binds the students living in different parts of the world to know cultural values and ethics of other countries.
2. Information and communication technologies bridge the cultural gap between the students which enable knowledge sharing which will contribute to the development of a knowledge based society.
3. Learning digital skills enhances the student learning and thinking skills abilities independently which help in developing the values and ethics which are very essential elements among student community.
Negative Impact of Ict
1. Now a days people tend to choose online communication rather than real time conversation which tend to become individualistic and introvert theft, hacking, gambling and poronography.This will result in moral decadent and generate threat to the
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