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  • Bluetooth

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    devices. As a result, it has been a challenge to produce new technologies and protocols to allow these devices to connect easily. One such solution is Bluetooth will allows devices to connect wirelessly over a short range. However, like any other wireless networking, Bluetooth is also prone to various types of hacking. What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a device that uses radio communication to wirelessly connect electronic devices such as cell phones, portable computers, and portable handheld devices

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    INTRODUCTION Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology designed to connect devices of different functions such as telephones, notebooks, computers (desktop and laptop), cameras, printers, and coffee makers. A Bluetooth LAN is an ad hoc network, which means that the network is formed spontaneously but sometimes it called gadgets and make a network called a piconet. The cable-free, or wireless, technology was initially conceived by Ericson in 1994, when the company began a study to investigate the feasibility

  • Importance Of Bluetooth

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    3. How Bluetooth works : To know method of Bluetooth connection, we take an example of the wireless technology being used, so let’s take a phone connected to wireless speaker. First, each device is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, a feature that requires both software and hardware components. On the hardware side, an antenna-equipped chip in both devices sends and receives signals at a specific frequency. The software interprets incoming Bluetooth signals and sends them out in ways other devices

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    INTRODUCTION The title of mini project is about Bluetooth versus Near Field Communication (NFC) Performance. This mini project is about the differences performances of Bluetooth and also NFC in many aspect such as speed, distance and also technologies based on research that will be made. This topic also will be exposed to the network management and design in the realistic environments. In computer world, short-distance wireless groups supporting NFC and Bluetooth have agreed to jointly create greater interoperability

  • Bluetooth Technology

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    What is Bluetooth ? Bluetooth is a connecting device that well known among people all around the world. It allows you to talk and share information such as music, voice and video wirelessly. Bluetooth technology uses radio waves just like mobile phones, TV and FM radio.The difference between these device and Bluetooth wireless technologies is the distance because it sends information only to your personal area. About the history, the military discovered the technology used by Bluetooth turns was

  • Dangers Of Bluetooth

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    to use their cell phone while driving. It is becoming a dangerous distraction for drivers. Cell phone usage while driving needs to stop. Is there anything that can help us be safer? Yes, it is Bluetooth. It does not take away your cell phone but it allows you to use it hands free. All drivers need Bluetooth in their cars. Distractions are dangerous. Before smartphones, the distractions we had were changing the radio channel, changing the CD, or changing a song. Today, we have added cell phones

  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

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    Bluetooth : A significant advancement in network technology There has been a plethora of advancements in networking technology over the past decade that have greatly impacted the way people live each day. One advancement in particular would be Bluetooth, which was invented by a group of engineers at a Swedish company named Ericsson in 1988. Bluetooth is used to transfer data over short distances using radio transmissions. The main intent for Bluetooth was to communicate between cell phones, computers

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    Introduction Bluetooth, the technology that is a hot topic among wireless developers. Was designed to allow low bandwidth wireless connections to make it simple for users to use, that they integrate into user’s daily lif. Updating the phone directory on mobile phones is a simple example of this Bluetooth application. With Bluetooth, without any user involvement can make the phone comes within range of the PC. With Bluetooth, you can also share your pictures, songs, files, memos, and many more! This

  • The Critique Of The Bluetooth Beanie By Shnmin

    1387 Words  | 3 Pages The Bluetooth Beanie by Shnmin This Bluetooth beanie offered by Shnmin is comfortable, well-made, stylish, and an excellent choice for women and men. Users love the price and the color options, but some to note that the volume is not what they anticipated. The Shnmin wireless hat features double layer knitted fabric for breathability, a set-in mic, a rechargeable lithium battery, and easy to access button for hands-free

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Bluetooth Headphones

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     Philips SHB3060WT Bluetooth Headphones (White) Phillips is a giant in the audio visual world. They have a long standing reputation of good quality and excellent value, even if their products are not always on the cheaper end of the spectrum. These headphones use Bluetooth connectivity and not only give you unwired freedom but also allow you to control your music and calls remotely. So you can easily skip songs and receive calls without having to go to the source device. They are foldable and adjustable

  • Applications and Features of Bluetooth Low Energy

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    Introduction Bluetooth Low Energy The Traditional Bluetooth had given us ability and also quickly connect to peripheral devices but Bluetooth Low Energy with the release the type of peripheral devices that connect have spilled over to medical and sports fields in remarkable ways. Then, we are use the smart phone and also tablet devices to connect the internet, stream audio on the car and also even in home entertainment systems. Extend the number of peripheral devices that connect will need for

  • How is Bluetooth is a Modern Application of Physics

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    How is Bluetooth a modern technological application of physics? Introduction Bluetooth was invented in 1994 that replaces cable communications with wireless technology. (Ericsson, 1994) Bluetooth creates a wireless personal area network (PAN) that allows exchange of information among individuals and therefore is commonly used for short-range communication among mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and other portable and fixed devices. (Layton & Franklin, [date unknown]) Physics plays an important

  • Essay On Wifi

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    Before the implementation of BlueTooth into cellular devices, cell phone users were either required to have a wired earpiece running to their phone, or use one of their hands to hold the phone to their ears. Bluetooth has become a vital part of corporate use because it allows for employees to excel in multitasking, making it one of the world’s most used wireless connection system. Cell phone manufacturers prefer BlueTooth to any other type of technology because of the

  • Wifi Essay

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    transmission of WiFi signal. A wireless router is what uses an antenna to send signals to wireless devices and a wire to send signals to the Internet. Five ... ... middle of paper ... multiple walls in the way of two devices communication with Bluetooth and it usually will not be an issue. One con to mention though would be the lack of security. There are encryption measures put into place, but it is hard to ignore this is a fairly automatic connection format. That is the concept of the technology

  • Wireless Technology

    1735 Words  | 4 Pages Introduction to Wireless Networking (n.d.). Retrieved October 25, 2004 from Bluetooth Wireless Technology (n.d.). Retrieved October 25, 2004 from Wireless LAN (n.d.). Retrieved October 25, 2004 from

  • Wireless Technology in Business

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    The deployment of wireless technology has taken by both of the Giant company, FedEx and UPS in order to keep the company competitive advantage. The Bluetooth short – range wireless specification, 802.11b wireless LANs, and general packet radio service (GPRS) are the wireless solution for both big companies. These lead to the operational efficiency, saving cost – the critical business requirement, and increasing customer satisfaction while also doing more with the same resources. The devotement of

  • Electronic Glasses

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    self-esteem. Most importantly, this pair of glasses can help them to integrate with the society again and make their life easier and better. 2.1 Basic Structure and Design The invention can be considered to be a package of two items, the glasses and Bluetooth device. The appearance of the Electronic Glasses is likely to be the same as what we are wearing, except, conventional and infrared micro-cameras are located at the two front corners on the frame and a small button for the connection with the service

  • Communication Technologies for Implantable Sensors

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    1. Introduction Nowadays, digital electronic devices have been used to make a lot of things easier and better. Personal computers have been successful to help people in their works and to provide entertainment, thus it is not surprising if now people are thinking to make the electronic systems to be incorporated further into medical field, so that its service can be cheaper, easier to be accessed, and better in quality. Some patients with chronic illness sometimes need to be monitored closely by

  • Wireless Communications Case Study

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    Communications When looking at wireless communications, there are many standards to discuss as there are so many types all used for different purposes. I am going to talk about a range of communications used for different ways to communicate; for example Bluetooth can be used to send files between mobile devices. Cellular broadband, which is used on mobile phones and tablets to be able to access the internet while out of reach of a Wi-Fi signal. I will also look at satellite, which can be used to provide Internet

  • Wireless Networking in a Hospital

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    technology, deciding which type of wireless network to implement can be difficult. Therefore, it is my role to evaluate different wireless networking devices and select the best device for the hospital. Out of the many choices of wireless networks Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) were the two networks evaluated, chosen because of increasing popularity and availability. Within the classification of Wi-Fi networks three IEEE standards were compared, the 802.11b, the 802.11g, and the 802.11a. Each