Literacy Reflection

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Literacy is being able to read and write, but is that all literacy is? From my understanding, yes it is being able to read and write, but it’s also the ability to understand what you’re reading and writing. Literacy is an important skill to have because you will be able to utilize what you learned through reading and writing to its full potential in understanding what you’re reading or writing. Not only will you be able to do those things, but you will also be able to apply it to your language. At times people will encounter good and bad experiences with literacy. Whether you had a good or bad experience with literacy at the end of the day you will learn and grow from it.
Provided through my literacy map, I was able to see my connection with …show more content…

I never realized that everywhere I go and the people that I am around that my literacy would change based on those people and locations. For instance, one of the points I made in my map I referred the literacy of the people at Southside Plaza Shopping Center as having improper English or poor grammar. With that being said, every time I was around the people there I would pick up on how they talked. It was the same with Chesterfield, once I moved here I began to pick up on their language which is using correct grammar and proper English. I was able to adapt and transition my literacy based on where I was and who I surrounded …show more content…

It sounds like a bad thing, but it’s actually not. I feel like this is phenomenal skill that a lot of people have yet to master. It amazed me because I didn 't know that, that was what I was doing this whole time it just came natural to me. The transition of the way you talk to your friends, family and other peers would be completely different than speaking to someone in a work environment. For instance, the conversations that I have amongst my friends I would not have when I 'm talking to one of my professors. When it comes to your literacy it 's important to be aware of your surroundings because the way to talk to someone in your neighborhood should not be brought to a professional setting. With that in mind, being in different locations and being surrounded by people that have different forms of language overall, as a whole, had a positive impact on my literacy. Even though certain points in my life with my literacy wasn 't such a great experience if it wasn 't for the bad experiences I would 've never been exposed to the good experiences with developing my

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