Listening in Lectures

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Listening in Lectures

Lectures are the main way of communicating knowledge in the classroom setting, so being able to listen well is an essential to success in one’s education. There are many different techniques that once practiced and mastered, can lead to success.

The first step to good listening skills in lectures is to be prepared. By reading the chapter being covered, or re-reading notes it is easier to listen. Because the content is not being introduced for the first time, it is easier to comprehend it. Also by avoiding distractions, and picking a seat that is easy to pay attention in, the chances of listening well are increased, even before the teacher begins to speak. (Wells 1)

A helpful hint to listening in a lecture is realizing that listening is a lot more than just hearing the words spoken at a lecture. In actuality listening is a cognitive activity that processes and interprets the information heard. There are certain things that a student may be able to say that can help their ability to listen well. By repeating “I am going to listen”, a student goes into the lecture with an objective, thus helping them stay on task. Also, by repeating the phrase “I am going to listen because…” is another way to stay on track because it forces the student to have an objective. When an objective is present it is much easier to listen because it is like a goal is obtainable. (Boyd 1)

Being an effective listener takes the ability to channel things out. A stu...

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