Life During The Harlem Renaissance

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The 1920s exploded with fast paced and lively creativity and culture that influence the world, yet no invention affected American everyday life in the 20th century more than the automobile. The rapidly growing automobile industry led by Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Increased wages and lower cost vehicles made possible through mass production meant that cars became increasingly affordable, although 3 out of 4 cars were bought on installment plans. Company produced new and better models every year to supply the insatiable public demand( With, automobiles it made it easier for people to go place to place, it also was affordable for the people to buy. The automobiles were easy to make because of the assembly line in that …show more content…

The Harlem Renaissance was the name given to the cultural, social, and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s. During this period, Harlem was a cultural center, drawing black writers, artists, musicians, photographers, poets, and scholars. Many had come from the South, fleeing its oppressive caste system in order to find a place where they could freely express their talents. The Harlem Renaissance was more than a literary movement, it involved racial pride, fueled in part by the militancy of the "New Negro" demanding civil and political rights ( African Americans were moving from the south to the north and bringing their culture with them to. Without the Harlem Renaissance there would not have been such a drastic change in our literature and music. The Harlem Renaissance played a great role in the ending of racial discrimination later in history(harlemrenaissanceimpact). If the Harlem Renaissance didn’t exist there might have not been any change towards African Americans or change to white America. There were many people such as Louis Armstrong a trumpet player/singer, Langston Hughes a poet/playwright, Madam C.J. Walker a Civil Rights Activist, and Jessie Fauset a Author, Poet, and Educator who had major impacts on the people of the Harlem Renaissance. Moving to the north gave the African Americans somewhat a better life, there was still racism going on and it kind of got worse as more African Americans moved to the north. African Americans had to fight against racial oppression from the white people, They would have to follow a set of rules called the “ Jim Crow Laws” which segregated the black from the whites. Also Many African Americans would have to face the terror of the “KKK” which was a group of white men who thought people of color had to die,

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