The Voice of the Harlem Renaissance

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The Voice of the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural revolution that happened mainly in Harlem, New York but also in other parts of America. The Harlem Renaissance took place from 1918 until 1937. The Harlem Renaissance was never about a single entity or event but the gathering of the best and brightest minds around the America. These great minds helped create one of the biggest cultural movements in American history. The work contributed during the renaissance helped future African American artist in the future. Many historians contribute the Harlem Renaissance to the beginning of the civil rights movement.

With the Civil War ending, African Americans were greatly displaced. The feeling of displacement came about for the African Americans because they were now legally free citizens, but they were still trapped in a country and culture that was none accepting of African Americans. After trying to find there place among the rest of America, the African Americans began a movement that has become known as "The Great Migration."

The great migration was a mass exodus for African Americans from around America, to Harlem, New York. African Americans came to Harlem in large groups. Harlem had become a symbolic capital for African Americas across America. (1) ency. britt. The driving point for the "Great Migration" was the brutal conditions of south during the reconstruction period. African American's were haunted by racial bigotry and grave violence usually by the means of lynching. In addition to violence, the legal system in south was intentionally antagonistic toward African Americans. The Jim Crow laws in the south were designed to keep African Americans oppressed.

During the 1920, The Harlem Renaiss...

... middle of paper ... art or music. The depression directly affected the Renaissance by forcing the major members to shift focus from arts, music and literature, to keeping the organizations financially stable.

The Harlem Renaissance was one of the most culturally important reformations in America. The Harlem Renaissance directly influenced many great civil rights leaders, and one could argue was the foundation for the battle of equality. Many great members of the Harlem Renaissance committed their whole life in order to improve race relations for themselves and for the future of the race.

The strength African Americans achieved during the period after slavery through until the Harlem Renaissance provided them with enough strength to persevere. The atrocities African Americans went through during the early 20th century can only be matched by the years of enduring slavery.
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