The Benefits of Rehabilitation Programs for Reducing Recidivism

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Literature Review
Recidivism refers to the tendency of reversion to criminal activities of the released inmates. It is measured by the frequency with which released offenders return to incarceration for new crimes. The rates reflect on the effectiveness of instituted programs that focus on integrating the released offenders into the society (Schmalleger, 2007). When the rates are healthy, it means that the programs in place are doing well in helping the offender restrain from criminal activities. The importance of correctional programs cannot be downplayed for any reason. The programs whether in the prison or out are effective in saving the nation a huge amount in providing public safety and taxes (Pollock, 2004).
Thesis statement
Rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing recidivism are beneficial to the individual and the government.
Research question: What are the roles played by rehabilitation programs in helping reduce recidivism?
Different programs have diverse impact in reducing the rates of recidivism. Effective programs that help in reducing the rates of recidivism concentrate on three main problems that affect offenders in prison and after their release. They include substance abuse, employment and education services. There emerges a need for most programs to address these issues as they are the most rampant and likely to push the offenders to perpetrating the offence once again.

Substance Abuse treatment Programs
In many counties especially the U.S, substance abuse is a major problem that affects the majority of the prison population. The same problem persists when the offenders are released. Chances of re-addiction are high and likely to shoot the rates of recidivism up. This menace often poses oth...

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Since they are free, proper parole supervision is required to monitor their situations. Offenders are likely to face many problems that may make them recidivate. Their survival and intended behavior may be compromised due to changing situation. It is important to check on them by devising a program that advices them accordingly.
For inmate who struggle with drug abuse, the outside world may provide challenges to getting the right medical attention. Programs should be such that they provide links for the affected to continue receiving medical attention even after serving their terms. This help in reducing their re-addiction. Additionally, a program can recommend the best place to get advisory services or the best place to get services. This process has entails of case management and is perfect example of a good drug related problem follow up.

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