Lgbt Persuasive Essay

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Everyone is afraid that their children will turn out gay like it's a choice or a disease, everyone should get the right to love who they want to. People should be allowed to experience love without being accused of going to hell for who they choose to sleep with or want to marry. People deserve to be able to love without religion interfering or afraid that they could be harmed at any given moment. People constantly have to go through harsh words and environments, but people who aren’t straight, white, and Christian or Catholic get attacked in some way and it’s not fair. The LGBT is constantly asked, how did you know you were gay? Well, it’s simple, how did you know you were straight? You just always knew.
Everyone should get the right to love who they want to because whether you support it or not, everyone should be able to love freely. It’s sad to say, but it has gotten to the point that people are killing or abusing people of the LGBT community just because they are attracted to someone that is not considered normal. People shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they’re in a committed relationship to be safe from harm's way, people certainly shouldn’t have to live with offensive slurs. People constantly say it’s a phase or that it’s for attention, but …show more content…

That shows that equality is still possible and that people are more open minded. But that being said people back in the day had their own opinions about the topic, harsh to the point that hung people for it, but now it’s seen as the wrong opinion. But if that’s true than who says that this generation has the right opinion? You don’t, another decade from now our opinions would be wrong because the majority would believe in something different. That being said there are always going to be individuals who will fight against things and that is where the sufficient amounts of stigma comes

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