Homophobia As A Weapon Of Sexism, By Suzanne Pharr

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In our world there has and will always have social issues that our society that is damaging our people. One of the proponent issue is in our world is Homophobia. As Homophobia is defined has people that dislike of or is prejudice against homosexual people. Recently our society has started to be more accepting with the LGBTQ community. Homophobia has really affected all people in very negative ways regardless of their sexual orientation. As homophobia is based on someone disliking or being prejudice to another person targeted to people that are homosexual. There are many people that want to fight against homophobia and help protect and support the LGBTQ community. The different sexual orientations of all individuals they have the right to be who they identity them selves as. As homophobia not only affects the LGBTQ community but affects every sexual orientation, seeing that much hate and prejudice toward people it is just sad and disturbing that people still hate on something they have no control over. Homophobia does affect out society’s norms that then impacts women and men lives in our society. In…show more content…
From the article Homophobia As A Weapon of Sexism written by Suzanne Pharr, she brings up the true weapon of sexism, which is economics, violence, and homophobia. An example of sexism that Pharr really points out is economics in our society and how it affects women and men. As she states that the economics is known to be the root cause of sexism, and that it really causes a lot of oppression. As heterosexism is said to “create the climate for homophobia with its assumption that the world is and must be heterosexual and its display of power and privilege as the norm.” An example of heterosexism would be people that are against women’s liberation, like women’s equality, women’s self-determination, and women’s control of our own bodies and
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