Essay On LGBT Community

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The treatment of the LGBT community in American Society is a social injustice. What most people think is that they just want to be able to marry one another and be happy but that’s not it. They want to be treated like humans and not some weird creatures that no one has ever seen before. They want to be accepted for who them are and not what people want them to be and they deserve the right to be who they are just the same as any other human being. After all the discrimination they have endured they should be allowed to be who they are and be accepted as equals just like people of different skin color did in the times of segregation. We have a long way to go as a country but being the greatest country in the world in the eyes of many great America will make big steps to make things fair. dThe treatment of the LGBT community in American society is a true social injustice. LGBT, or the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, community has gone through many hardships whether it’s been being harassed, denied…show more content…
Solutions like legalizing gay marriage is good and all but what America needs is a total overhaul on how we view gays, and not view them as gays, but to view them as human beings like us. Not try to change them for who they are but to accept them as who they are and treat them with respect. The LGBT community doesn’t just want legal marriage, they want to fit in and be accepted into the mainstream world as humans and not just the gays in the same way black people want to be equal with white people or deaf people wanting to be accepted just as much as someone who can hear. Saying being gay is a crime is basically saying being blind is a crime. People use the excuse that “it’s against their religion” but so are tattoos and divorce but we don’t see you protesting
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