Homosexuals Should Have Equal Rights

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Homosexuals Should have Equal Rights As the years have passed, homosexuality has become a very controversial topic. The fact that day by day they fight for equality just to be happy, I think it is an injustice that many people refuse to give them the rights they deserve. In my opinion we are all equal. we are all human beings who have the same abilities,we have two arms, two legs a brain etc… and they have many qualities that can be developed but only by the fact that their sexual orientation is different from the "common" man and woman, woman and man I feel we are depriving them from so many things, which in my opinion we are doing an injustice as a society. I want you to become aware of what we have done and take action to stop people to be happy, to respect their way of thinking, acting, and living. My purpose in writing this paper is to present my points of view on how society has changed as the years go by. Also how homosexuals have fought for many years and all the different struggles they have managed to get the rights they deserve and one day had which were then taken away because they became themselves and also because of the ignorance of some people. Homosexual love relationships is exactly the same to that of a heterosexual couple. Marriage is a commitment that two people make when they love each other, they are willing to spend the rest of their days together, with the person who can be themselves and not have the fear of being judged for what they are, the person which you know is there at all times in good times and in bad times. Not with a person that you 're with only because society is so agreeable. In the United States in 2004 Massachusetts became the first state to legalize marriage be... ... middle of paper ... ...egative comments they would just ignore them and go on. I personally wholeheartedly support the gay community since two of my best friends are gay and I can not say what would my life be if I did not have them.T they are people who are always optimistic and always have the best advice. They are brave people because the fact that they have come out of the closet and as a reactionary fear of people, but still come out and be who they really are that is something i respect and i would always be there to support them. In a talk show called Ellen Degeneres a 14-year old called Graeme Taylor said, "It takes time to get comfortable with Yourself. i went through some very tough time learning to accept myself Once I did I realize what a beautiful thing That Is." It 's shocking how a teenager can say that with a security that you can not even explain

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