Civil Rights

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Without question the Civil Rights Movement is still in action. There has been in addition to this fight. People who love each other are being hated for loving someone of their same gender. Racism is still as strong as ever. The oppositions for this is pathetic. Mexicans, Blacks, Middle Easterners, Asians, Lesbian, Gay and Transgender individuals etc, have all been humiliated so they can feel like they do not belong. Stereotypes have taken over this technological era. Any chance someone gets to post a racist, cruel, and or rude comment they do it, for attention. We should not seek attention this way. Instead we should promote love and unity. This is what the Civil Rights Movement is all about. It might feel like a loss of pride for the ones who are opposing, but I cannot stress enough that this it is for the better. Everyone deserves a chance to live their life without the fear of knowing that at any moment society has the power to hurt you, to destroy every part of your being without mercy. It is hard to lead a life full of guilt and self hate because of who you are and who others have defined you to be. There is so much things that one feels when they are categorized by society. There is so much self doubt, insecurity, guilt, and the pain of feeling dirty and small because of how society sees you and labels you. Why is it necessary to label everything and define it. Why cant we all accept the fact that not everyone is the same, and that that doesn't make us any less human. So many chances are lost because people are discouraged because of who they are to society . Many coloured students in school have it hard. Their life isn’t easy at home or school. From personal experience I could tell you that many of the coloured students a... ... middle of paper ... ...till exists, don’t be so blind. Just because we have a black man leading the country does not mean racism and prejudice have vanished. I wouldn’t have the hopes I do if racism didn’t exist. I wouldn't have to list all these statistics that clearly state that whites are favoured. If racism didn’t exist I wouldn’t have to see many of my coloured peers not even trying at school everyday because they feel like they aren’t supposed to anyways. I wouldn’t have the need to write this paper if racism didn’t exist. I wouldn’t have to suffer everyday because of some news story on how coloured people did something to deserve the things they do. Racism doesn’t just affect me if affects you as well, because you are favoured and I am not. Racism still exists because from the moment I walk into my history class I am taught that white men have the solution and reason to everything.

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