Lessons in Leadership

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Lessons in Leadership
Applying Leadership Principals has been a quest to discover what the nature of being a leader really is. Leadership can come in all shapes and at many different levels within an organization. “Naturally born leaders are rare. It takes hard work to learn how to lead effectively (Amter, 2012).” More often what is encountered is poor leadership and examples of what not to do in a leadership role within organizations. These failures can be devastating on people and organizations. “The quality of your leadership today will not only determine current success, it will greatly impact future productivity, employee retention, and growth (Chambers, 2002).” In hindsight, one can take these bad experiences and see past the failure to the opportunities that were there to make the situation successful and that will provide future growth for all those that recognize them.
It was story that has become altogether too frequent in typical business America. Company spins off from parent company for financial gain. Company goes public on the stock exchange. In an effort to stay competitive in the market and show growth for their investors, company reorganizes their corporate structure. For a year rumors circulate, and finally three months before the new year whole divisions of the company including the Finance, Sales and Human Resources get put on the chopping block . The new version of the company is supposed to be lean not necessarily mean. As company outsources and right sizes, the amount of work flowing downward continues. At the site level Human Resource Managers are offered severance packages. A single Human Resource Director replaces ten Human Resource Managers and Directors that were forme...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that natural-born leaders are rare and it takes hard work to lead effectively. poor leadership and examples of what not to do in a leadership role can be devastating on people and organizations.
  • Explains how the company spins off from its parent company for financial gain, goes public on the stock exchange, and reorganizes its corporate structure to stay competitive in the market and show growth for investors.
  • Explains that the company does not have less work, but doesle the work out to the hr coordinators, hr partners, front line managers and management teams at the site. the business world applauds the company for their innovation.
  • Opines that restructuring, reorganizing and downsizing has been a part of business culture long before this latest economic downturn.
  • Explains that good leadership is crucial to success within an organization and it is even more critical during an event like restructuring.
  • Explains that the company failed to communicate effectively regarding the staffing changes being made and what was entailed for those left behind to manage additional work loads.
  • Opines that the company's leaders within hr glazed over the details and promoted that these people would have very few tasks to manage.
  • Opines that good leadership would have used the first visit to each site to discuss the transition, their thoughts, concerns, and also review with them items that may need to be delegated.
  • Opines that a leader must lead by example, integrity, and respect for those that follow him. opportunities missed during restructuring could be remedied with good leadership.
  • Explains that voices of survivors: words that downsizing ceos shouldhear.
  • Explains chambers, h. (2002). decisive leaders. executive excellence, 19(11), 5.

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