Legal Immigration: Pros and Cons

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United States is a very enormous country and so immigration becomes a huge concern for the country. People prefer to shift to United States in order to feel the liberal lifestyle, and the prosperity that America is known for. United States has millions of immigrants who are both legal and illegal. America needs to create new job opportunities and vacancies for the people moving in the nation and also the citizens of the nation. Much of the mess in the nation is caused by immigrants. The nation needs to restrict the number of immigrants in the nation. These immigrants cause issues for the government as well employment welfare dependency. More than eight million illegal and legal immigrants live in permanent house developments and also work in regular jobs. This takes job opportunities in of the American residents which puts stress in the programs to a point of break and this encouraging more and more illegal immigrants to come in United States with a future attraction of a US citizenship legally. Restriction of the immigration, United States will help the nation to reduce problems of the US citizens with employment and common welfare. A different reason for entering in the nation is that the US economy is very diverse resulting the in the nation to have various ethnic groups as contrast to one homogeneous large economy. The US nation has its own custom and culture and ways of life are varied than many of the people who immigrate to this nation. There are presently multiple ethnic groups, people of different nationalities, some smaller minority groups who also struggle for existence and their rights in the American culture making the nation change its own way of their own culture. The nation has a lot of ongoing cultural changes a... ... middle of paper ... ...of immigrants who are both legal and illegal. Works Cited Immigration Rights, (n.d) retrieved September 12, 2013 from ebsnews Medrano, L.(2013, September 26) Arizona Pushes New Illegal Immigration Fight. Retrivied September 27, 2013. From The Christian Science Monition Messerli, J, (n.d) Legal Immigration pros and cons. Retrieved November 21,2013 from should America maintain immigrants Morales N. (2013 September 11) Cons of immigration. Retrieved September 20, 2013 from Extra News Parish, N (2013 September 09) Border Protection Immigration or it is it for Security. Retrieved December 05, 2013) Rights, C. H,(2005 October 05) Rights . Retrieved December 036,2013. Leadership of Civil Rights Rose A, (2008 February ,2013) Cons of immigration , Retrieved November 08 2013 Schappacher E. (April, 17 2013) UCC immigrant advocates. Retrieved November 08,2013

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