Learning Plan Rationale Reflection: Health Maintenance

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The goal of my learning plan is to promote health maintenance and restoration for hip or knee replacement surgery patients by providing patient education sessions and information pamphlets on post-operative pain and swelling management between the periods of week 8 to week 10. During the implementation process of my learning plan I used the Community Health Nurses association’s standard as a guide to help me advance with the production and presentation. I focused my learning plan on the standard of health maintenance, restoration, and palliation under the category of promoting health. This standard can be defined as “providing clinical nursing, palliative care, health teaching and/or counseling to individuals and families as they experience illness and life crisis…” (Peter, Sweatman, & Carlin, 2012, p. 66) I am doing a teaching session and pamphlet for my learning plan which is included in the area of health teaching. Peter et al also described the possible outcomes of this process which is to encourage participation of patient and family members to engage in the development of their care plan by maximizing their capacity to take responsibility for and manage their own care. (Peter et al, 2012, p. 66) I hope the implementation of my learning plan can educate the patients so they can understand more about their health and gain knowledge on types of interventions they can use at home to enhance their recovery. For example, if the patient feels pain and swelling at home, they will be able to have the knowledge that they can use ice to help reduce the pain and swelling. I followed the CNO’s ethics practice standard. This standard stated about respecting client’s choice and ensuring privacy and confidentiality during the caring process...

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...ww.cna- aiic.ca/~/media/cna/page content/pdf en/2013/07/26/10/38/social_justice_2010_e.pdf
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