Leadership Theory Of Leadership

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One might say that leadership within an organization is essential for growth and success. Organizations often teach their employees different ways on how to be an effective leader. One thing to note is that leadership is not something one is born with, rather it is something individuals aspire to be. By being a leader one has the ability to influence an organization and/or employee(s), as well as having the power to inspire others. In Chapter 11, Jex and Britt (2014) discussed different theories, traits, and approaches associated to leadership. Through reading this chapter, one can see just how complex leadership is. In this paper I will discuss what leadership is, why leadership and the first follower is important, as well as which general…show more content…
However, trying to actually put leadership into words is not an easy task due to its complexity. Jex and Britt (2014) describe and define leadership in many different ways. One of the ways Jex and Britt describe leadership is as being behaviors that involve organizing work, obtaining resources, providing encouragement, and evaluating the groups productivity (p. 372). They further describe it as being a process where an individual motivates members of a team to work together in order to accomplish things efficiently. Besides motivation, leadership consists of individuals possessing the ability to influence the behaviors of a team or group. Such influence can either be successful or unsuccessful, depending on how well the members of a group cooperate. Jex and Britt also explain how leadership involves an individual holding a variety of skills such as analytical, conceptual, interpersonal, and persuasive skills. These skills can be useful for different purposes such as coming up with objectives as well as implementing the objectives. Individuals who hold such qualities are able to create change(s) within an organization and can inspire others. I personally see leadership as being an individual(s) who takes initiative to make a group succeed. Leadership does not have to necessarily have to only be one person, but rather it can reside within a
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