Law Enforcement Is A Vital Role For Our American Society

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While law enforcement is a vital role to our American society, police misconduct is in the media often today. Minorities, and specifically young African American men face more harassment and scrutiny for just being in a public place or walking to school (Brunson, & Miller, 2006). Many feel that the police’s role is to protect and serve their local communities but often victims call for help goes unanswered and animosity builds towards the law enforcement community. In order for growth to transpire within the community for law enforcement, it is necessary that strategies are positioned and performed. If not, we can expect for the relationship to stay the same or deteriorate and consequently cause more complications. From a look inward, citizens feel the police are here to protect citizens from victimization, and to hold criminals accountable for the crimes. There may be times were “dirty means” are vindicated to ensure worthy outcomes (Seron, Pereira, & Kovath, 2004). But only to a certain extent. Brunson and miller provides evidence, where young minorities give their accounts of police misconduct and sexual harassment. They go from searching the innocent, to beating the accused in front of their siblings (Brunson, & Miller, 2006). Therefore, what really legitimizes “dirty means?” The answer is the police’s professional discretion. This discretion is individualized but it also comes from the training received. First the lack of trust from law enforcement happens from within; the training received is what shapes the law enforcement actions. Brereton (1961) says, “The most important steps we must take in its accomplishment is the establishment of educational standards and training which are comparable to those which are found in... ... middle of paper ... ...y from their citizens due to misconduct. This not only makes the departments want to do better because they need the funding but it also instills change in the officer’s demeanor and hence misconduct decrease; the citizens will gain their trust back with law enforcement. Although, law enforcement plays a vital role in our society, their misconduct has begun to occur continuously. The media presents their misconduct often. In order to minimize law enforcement’s misconduct and gain citizens trust, specifically minorities, reform is essential. This reform can take on many aspects such as community or legally based. For misconduct to stop, it has to come from within the department of justice and also individual police departments. Law enforcement has to be held to accountable to higher standards for unconstitutional behavior in order to gain the peoples trust back.

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