Kohlberg's Model Of Business Ethics And Ethics In A Business Organization

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Ethics can be taken as a worldwide concept which leads the concept of bad and good that exists in our societies. Authors consider ethics as essential and the most delicate part of the public sector organizations (Singer 2011). According to Brickley (2000) ethics is a part of philosophy subject that is old at least 2500 years. This subject is very abroad and ethics play important role in organization. When we explain ethical behavior for a single person, the problem arises more and we cannot trace it. But when we look at the ethics of a company like public corporations that include large groups of employees’ ethics is difficult to evaluate than an organization. It is further stated that organization is a collection of different individuals which…show more content…
To assist in explaining business ethics, social responsibilities and other organizational phenomena Cognitive Moral Development (CMD) has been acknowledged (John 1994). Major criticism of CMD theory for researcher was value judgment, invariance of stages and gender bias in the initial scale development. Many scholars have established models about moral perspectives; Kohlberg (1969) stuck to his cognitive moral development theory for moral decisions of young male data collection. Ferretl and Gresham (1985) has developed a model to explain, predict and control ethical behavior of individuals within a business organization named” Positive model”. Main purpose of discussion is to unveil what many academicians have done before using a theory which is not acknowledged in which it was instigated. Some of the psychologists do not believe that human development is invariantly stage, whereas others disapprove Kohlberg’s cognitive moral development for its assumption that moral judgment are grounded on individual rights and duties. Fraedrich and Ferrell (1992) initiate that only 15 percent of their sample sustained the same moral philosophy in both nonworking and work ethical decision making

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