The Characteristics Of Moral And Ethical Reasoning In Business Ethics

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In the business world there are many fundamental aspects and situations that can lead to several issues. In order to find an optimal and professional solution, business decision makers need to apply moral and ethical standards. And it is at that moment in which business ethics perform its role. Business ethics, which is in charge of examine how companies and individuals should act in business situations, is very essential in order to reach a common agreement and to work within the laws of business and solve an arisen dilemma. Working of the hand of ethical business companies, employees, investors, directors, and even individual officers can be beneficiated and obtain most favorable outcomes.
However, when in business a person confronted a problem it is necessary that he utilize ethical reasoning. The ethical reasoning requires that the individual evaluate its own moral and ethical views in order to make a decision. This reasoning primarily focuses on two crucial features. The first is known as Duty-Based Ethics, which is concentrated in doing
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The Kantianism is a theory created by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. The name of the theory is derived from his last name and it is originated with the aim to guide people towards a right and moral behavior. This moral ideal encourages people to make decisions based on doing what the individual is duty to do, what is right and valuable, which is within the moral and ethical range. The center of this theory is to consider other people and have in mind what that action will cause to others. This means to choose the decision not only thinking about your own benefit but also in others; as Kantian said “when human beings are treated merely as a means to an end, they are being treated as the equivalent objects and are being denied their basic
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