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Title: Don’t Regret Regret; by Kathryn Schulz The speaker, Kathryn Schulz, talks about don’t regret regret. I think the speech was informative and I did enjoyed it. I agree with Schulz about the fact that majority of people feel regret after receiving a negative feedback because of a bad decision made. I also like the fact that she began her speech with an example. Introducing Johnny Depp was a good way to start because it brought the audience attention to her. I once gave a speech and I started with a short documentary which made my speech very lively and enjoyable. I did receive a run of applause even before my speech ended. Kathryn used herself as an example of regret which made her speech very active. I also like the fact that she used I cried for weeks and I repeatedly asked myself why I had an error on the form that day. Again, I like what Kathryn Schulz said and I quote, “One of the noblest and best things we can is to live life free of regret. “Anytime I made a mistake, it takes a longer period of time for me to get over it, which intend causes me to lose focus in some the most important things in life such studies. So, if people learn to let go of the mistakes made, not only are they preventing future consequences, but they will actually live a stress-free life which is healthy and peaceful. Kathryn, brought in a quote from Lady Macbeth,” Things without a remedy should be without regard; what’s done is done.” Sometimes what people need to know is that they cannot changed the past, however they can plan again and avoid the mistakes that were made the first time. Another thing I learned from Kathryn is that as humans, mistakes are bound to happen, when they do live it behind and move on with your life. Most people go into a state of denial whenever something bad happens. They have hard time accepting what has happened. I think if twenty percent of American are picked and asked how they manage regret in their life, I think more than half of them will accept the fact that they cannot

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  • Opines that kathryn schulz's talk about don't regret regret was informative and enjoyable. she used statistics to back up her speech, making it authentic.
  • Quotes kathryn schulz's quote from lady macbeth, saying that mistakes are inevitable and that people can adjust and learn from their mistakes and allow time over it.
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