Rhetorical Analysis Of Where Do I Start?

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Mandy S. presented her speech entitled “Where Do I Start?” on Thursday December 8, 2016 at Corpus Christi in Bismarck. Mandy’s main goal of the speech was to inform the audience. Her specific topic was to inform the audience about the process of purchasing a vehicle. The audience consisted of 7 female high school students, 2 female evaluators, and 1 male evaluator. In total 10 audience members, 3 of which were veteran toastmasters. The speech included an evident organizational pattern, an inadequate introduction and conclusion, and a lacking delivery. Within the speech the speaker used a chronological organizational pattern. The speech consisted of four steps: researching, financing, shopping, and test driving, but lacked a preview in the …show more content…

With parts of the context missing the way in which the speaker delivered the speech could have helped distract from those flaws. For instance within her attention getter she jumped for one of the slogans, which gave the appearance that she was really into the speech, but then giggled about it for a few seconds. This made the audience wonder about the seriousness to come. Throughout the entire speech hand gestures were nonexistent. The speaker did however change the pitch of her voice frequently. The first time was when the speaker asked the audience what the car keys meant, and then again when the slogans were restated. Another flaw in the delivery was the amount of time she spent looking at the notecard. The speaker had two green notecards, which both were covered completely. She was constantly looking down reading the notecards. In turn there were many unneeded pauses. Those pauses were not impactful ones either, but just a quiet whole while the speaker was reading. Following most of the pauses was um, ah, so, but,or you know. The filler words took away from the message the speaker was trying to get across. Overall the words used throughout were easy to understand, but sometimes a little bit repetitive. For instance she used plethora twice about 10 seconds apart. The speaker did however look the part. She had on a pair of slacks with a sweater. By looking professional it gave some automatic respect. Overall the

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