Math Autobiography

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The majority of people have a subject they were never good at. Unless your a genius or have a photographic memory, kudos to you. But the rest of us have to work twice as hard to achieve a passing grade to at least pass the class. Some of us have been told, horrible things that discourages us and we just give up. Verbal words, that have a huge negative impact on us. Now, this paper isn’t to make you feel sorry about yourself, this paper is to reflect on your ups and downs on the subject you had the most trouble at. I know its scary admitting your faults but how can you move one from your faults if you don’t admit them? But while admitting your faults you also have your strengths, even if it was determination to keep going, that is something you should be proud of, because you never gave up.

This world can be so cruel and some people have experienced many road blocks along the way when it came to having an education. Some people have experienced racism while others experienced far more crucial life changing moments. I never experienced that, and I thank all my lucky stars for that. I don’t think I ever took into consideration that my gender, race, culture, language, and economic status could have an affect on my mathematical experience. I simply thought that I wasn’t smart enough. And maybe also because when your young, you don’t pay attention to stuff like that, until you reach adulthood. As you age, things become more clearer for you and you start noticing things like that. But for now, I have yet to experience such cruelty.
At first, I was thinking what did I bring to the table, when I sat there in class, knowing my math teachers didn’t believe I was cut out for this. I won’t lie, I did give up in the end, because I fina...

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...ct. Once you find a wonderful professor, who teaches with clarity and it makes actually sense to you, everything just seems so much lighter. Once you push past painful experiences and have room to try again and try new things you never know what you might achieve.
I can’t predict what might happen in the future, determining if I continue to excel in math, But what I can say is, if I continue on the path I am on, math might become a subject I can actually enjoy. And thats saying a lot, coming from someone who detested math with the passion, I hope I continue to experience life changing moments like these in the future. And a special thanks to Mrs. Bravewoman, for giving me the opportunity to believe again. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would be here where I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to continue my mathematical future with you.

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