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Susan Smith could have been a normal woman. If you passed her on the streets you wouldn’t know that she would turn out to be a killer. Susan had a secret though, a deadly secret. Susan Smith was a cold, calculating killer, capable of murder in cold blood. I believe Susan had many factors contributing to the state of mind she had before the murder of her two sons, like her traumatizing childhood and the many dysfunctional relationships she had.

Susan Leigh Vaughan Smith was born September 26, 1971 in Union, South Carolina to Linda and Harry Vaughan. She was born the third child in the Vaughan family, with two older brothers. Linda Vaughan divorced Harry when Susan turned 7, and five weeks later Harry committed suicide at 37 (Montaldo). Within weeks of Linda and Harry’s divorce, Linda got remarried to Beverly (Bev) Russell, a local successful businessman. Linda and the children moved from their home into Bev’s, a larger house located in an exclusive subdivision in Union, South Carolina. Susan grew to be a well-liked teenager, and even became president of her Junior Civitan Club and Friendliest Female in her senior year (Montaldo). Everyone liked her, and she put on a great show at school. But after the last bell rang, she had to look forward to seeing Bev at home, something she feared above anything else. Bev had taken to molesting Susan when she turned sixteen, and it was not long afterward that she sought help with the local Department of Social Services (Wiki). The Department of Social services did little to help Susan, only making Bev attend a few counseling sessions (Wiki). When he returned home, he chastised Susan heavily for “airing their dirty laundry in public” and continued with the molestation (Montaldo). I believe thi...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that susan smith was a cold, calculating killer, capable of murdering her two sons in cold blood. she had traumatizing childhood and dysfunctional relationships.
  • Explains that susan leigh vaughan smith was born september 26, 1971 in union, south carolina, to linda and harry. she divorced harry when she was 7, and five weeks later harry committed suicide at 37.
  • Narrates how susan and david reconciled after david left her and asked for a divorce. tom snubbed susan, telling her to act with more self-respect.
  • Describes how susan smith spent the day obsessing over her breakup with tom findlay, taking off of work early, and giving the children to a friend so that she could stop by tom's office.
  • Opines that susan smith's murder was cold, calculating, and manipulative. she drowned michael and alex without knowing what she was doing.
  • Narrates how susan had sexual relations with a younger and an older co-worker. she had an abortion, attempted suicide, and dated another high school friend.
  • Cites montaldo, charles, in his article, "susan smith-profile of a child killer."
  • Cites mcclish, mark, bragg, rick, and l.e. orr's "fitting justice for susan smith?"
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