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Expectations influence who we become. Many factors come into play when we assess the lives of both Wes Moores introduced in the short novel The Other Wes Moore. Some of these factors are the expectations that shaped each man’s life. Moore illustrates his point when he writes, “The expectations that others place on us help us form our expectations of ourselves”(126). The explanation to the quote was it will help people to see the expectation of “thinking outside the box” means that think freely for themselves with better judgment in everyday life for their moral action in their society. Expectations from others have a strong impact on the choices an individual makes, and both Wes Moore’s choices were strongly influenced by the expectations …show more content…

Moore quote including said, “It was a different psychological environment, where my normal expectations inverted, where leadership was honored and class clowns ostracized” (96). The quote The (author) Wes Moore seen in his Military School that the lower freshmen was respects the higher ranking. The (author) was very amazed that in his military school the students were respect their superior and follow their command and their honor code rules to obey by. At the Military School teaches (author) Wes Moore about learn the discipline, leadership, and teamwork. The military do care about the (Author) Wes Moore successes. The (author) Wes Moore have the stronger mentor giving him the responsibility of their trust on him to force him to change his bad behavior that impact his teenage and adulthood …show more content…

In the same way, both Wes Moore’s both regret in their childhood and through their adulthood about their mistake in their lives. This point is illustrated in the passage, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” (Quoted from Samuel Buckett)...“Failing does not make us a failure. But not trying to do better, to be better, does make us fools” (Moore 185). The explanation of quote point is the quote is to attempt till you succeed or never surrender. On the chance that you come up short once, attempt once more. On the chance that you fall flat second time, do it again. This disappointment again ought to be superior to the past disappointment. There ought to be some realizing and some change. They cannot make it in the first attempt. The (author) Wes Moore acknowledges and tries to enhance by taking a shot at the reasons of his

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  • Analyzes how expectations influence who we become, and moore's choices were strongly influenced by their role models and mentors.
  • Analyzes how wes moore's mother and grandparents sacrificed for him to go to private school and military school, and joy went to get a different job and asked for money from her friends and family.
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