Juveniles Should Not Be Charged Differently

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Many people think different when it comes to treating teenagers once they commit a crime. Folks think that their brain is not fully developed, but they sure do know what they are doing. If teenagers have the capability to commit a crime, there must be something between that made them act the way they did. Many blame parents for their child’s actions because they think that the kids learn from parents. For example, bad behavior, drug abuse, rape, murder, etc., but teenagers should learn from their parents mistakes. Teenagers should not be charged differently, if they are in juvenile hall or jail because at the end they still committed a crime.
Many people blame the parents when their child’s commit a crime. “Moral are inherent from birth” (Wilde 1). Teenagers should learn from mistakes that they might see around, wether it comes from family members or others. There is no excuse to committing these crimes because in my behalf I know committing is an insane thought. All crimes should be treated in the same regard, whether they are teenagers or adults. A crime is a crime, when tee...
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