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Of the great generals that we have talked about in this project Julius Caesar is the most famous and most accomplished. He defeated the fearsome Gauls, formed the first ever triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey, moved away from the favour of the Senate to declare himself Principate (a Principate was the same as an Emperor in every way except name and public conception) and adopted Octavian (better known as Augustus) and groomed him to take over and become the greatest political Principate ever. It must be noted however that most of our knowledge of his military campaigns in Gaul comes from his autobiography.
Julius Caesar came from a family that claimed descent from Lulus, the son of the Trojan prince Aeneas. However, despite their claim to fame, his family was mainly politically irrelevant with the exception of his father Gaius Julius Caesar, the governor of Asia and his aunt Julia, who married Marius (he is talked about in this project). Soon however when Caesar was 16 a war between his uncle, Marius and Sulla. Sulla won and due to his connections, Caesar was disfavoured by the new regime.
In fear of Sulla, Caesar joined the army. When Sulla died in 78 B.C., Caesar decided to return to Rome. While crossing the Aegean Sea, Caesar was captured by pirates for a ransom. During this whole affair, he maintained a dangerous air of superiority. He told the pirates that he would crucify them and when the pirates asked for 20 talents of silver as a ransom, he demanded they raise the ransom to 50 talents. When he was released, he raised a fleet to capture the pirates and, true to his word, he had them crucified.
Due to the fact that Sulla had taken away his inheritance, Caesar was poor and could only afford a modest home in a bad neighbo...

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After this the conspirators paraded around Rome, screaming out “People of Rome, we are once again free.” However they didn’t get much sympathy and the middle and low class, whom Caesar was very popular with. The vast majority of people locked themselves in their houses.
In the aftermath of the assassination, Marcus Anthony started a riot with the lower and middle classes of Rome to take over the city in Caesar’s name. He then formed the second triumvirate with Octavian and Aemilius Lepidus. This triumvirate used Caesar’s funds and popularity to raise an army to defeat Caesar’s killers who had fled Rome and made a considerable army.
In the end history repeated itself and civil war erupted between Marcus Anthony and Cleopatra (the former lover of Caesar) and Octavian. Octavian won and, through some fantastic political skills became the best Principate ever to live.

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