Julius Caesar

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In Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", Caesar is displayed as a powerful and dynamic figure in Rome because of his many accomplishments in previous wars as well as battles. When Caesar returns to Rome from a recent victorious defeat in battle, he receives a warm welcome by all the citizens of Rome. They consider and see Caesar as a hero and a strong individual, which is why they attempt to crown him King three times. A group of generals in Caesar's army are jealous and concerned with the amount of power Caesar has; they make arrangements to kill him. "Power is said to be a man's greatest desire he'll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even to kill." In comparison to Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and the film Julius Caesar, we see many similarities. Furthermore, I will discuss these similarities in great depth.

The story of Shakespeare's famous play "Julius Caesar" involves the assassination of Caesar from his own people whom he trusted and believed in. Caius Cassius, conspirates against Caesar and manages to get a group of people against Caesar. He also manages to manipulate and brainwash Brutus (Caesar's beloved best friend) to do his "civil duties" which are to kill Caesar. Cassius's motive for wanting to get Caesar killed is because he fears Caesar's ambition and is frightened in how life would be under Caesar's authoritative rule. As I recall reading a quote from a yearbook and it came into mind in the process of writing this paper, "Power and love intoxicate men. It is never voluntarily surrendered. It must be taken from them." This is very obvious in the play because Caesar would have never given up his power because his ambition and his drive led him to victory in all his goals and in anything he set himself to acquire. Indeed, it is for this exact reason that Cassius want to rid Rome from Caesar's rule but at the same time he is not willing to place Rome above everything (to "save Rome from tyranny"). This is why Brutus is encouraged as well as convinced to do the "right thing" and kill Caesar.

Shakespeare's play is certainly an interesting, informative as well as difficult piece of study. This is why I found the film extremely complimentary to the play. Together, the play and the film take the reader/viewer back into history. One is actually able to re-live Caesar's time and be a part of that time.

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