Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare is one of the greatest play writers ever born,
And this is shown by how popular his plays are still today even after thousands of years. One of his famous plays still in use today is Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar is one of the greatest plays ever written and has been read or seen by many generations. There are many topics that can be chosen to talk about in Julius Caesar and one of those topics is the presents of the supernatural Caesar or Caesar’s ghost and what affect he has on the living.

For my first main idea I chose the impact of Julius Caesar when he was alive and the impact of his ghost. Caesar had a big impact when he was alive and when he was dead with return of his ghost. This shows that Caesar had allot of impact on other peoples lives and even after death has an impact on people close to him and those who deceived him.

The second main idea was the affect on Brutus and how he experienced Caesars return a few years after Caesars death. Also how Caesars ghost was not mad at Brutus and Brutus acted like nothing had happen and he had not killed him but now worshipped him. This shows that Brutus had killed Caesar for the good of Rome in his mind and still had the up most respect for him.

The Third idea was what he had done for Rome and how he gave all his money to the people of Rome and also how he had a perception that if it was his time to die then he would die. This shows that Caesar believes in what is meant to happen should happen and that you can’t change was is meant to happen. But also Caesar could have prevented his death and could have more time to contribute to the history of Rome.

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