The Events of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar’s ambition for power drove the honorable Brutus to think negatively about Julius Caesar’s position of being the King of Rome. Negatively speaking, Julius Caesar’s ways of having most of the power and deciding not to listen to others except the ones that only tell him things he likes to hear, drove the power-hungary conspirators and the honorable Brutus to take his life away. The honorable Brutus shows his love for Rome by committing an act which he seems best fit for his city. Trying everything he can to put Rome in a democracy, the only solution he saw was to join the conspirators to murder Caesar and explain to the people why they committed such an act. A great friend of Julius Caesar Mark Antony, stood up for many things Caesar had in mind and he was one of the few that Caesar thought was very trustworthy besides Brutus. After Caesar’s death, Mark Anthony told Caesar that he will take revenge for him and that shows great passion for the love that he had for him.

Julius Caesar is a man who is ambitious and believes to be very manipulative over the people of Rome. By denying the circlet three times he believed that he could deceive the people of Rome with his manipulative skills and make them vote for him. By such an act from Caesar, the people believed that he does not want to be King and therefore he is a man without ambition and thats why he should be King. But Casca shows us that this is not the case. Every chance Caesar was offered the circlet, he denied it less and less. “It was mere foolery;/ I saw Mark Antony offer him a crown (yet ‘twas not a crown neither; ‘twas one of these coronets)..../....he put it by once; but for all that, to my thinking he would fain have had it.../....he put it by again; but to m...

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...hows that Mark Antony stood up for Caesar’s beliefs and that there was no reason for his murder because to Mark Antony, Caesar did not reveal any ambitious characteristics.

Julius Caesar’s ambition caused his death. Showing his negatives, Caesar was an ambitious power-hungary ruler. Waiting for the people to fall for what he believed in by his manipulative actions, caused other honorable men to see that he was not the best for Rome. The honorable Brutus loved Caesar and thought very highly of him, but his love for Rome motivated him to act accordingly. As for Mark Antony, he had the same love that Brutus had for Caesar. Not only did he have the love, but he also believed that Caesar was not an ambitious person and that he showed his people in many ways how he was not ambitious. Antony did not believe that Caesar deserved to die and that it was a substantial mistake.
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