Jean Watson Philosophy And Theory Of Transpersonal Nursing Theory

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Theory evaluation often generates new thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses about the theory being examined (McEwen, 2014). Evaluating a theory is important to better understand the structure and its need for use in practice or research. In “Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring” by Jean Watson she believes that nurses hold an impact that is strongly based on the caring relationship between a nurse and a patient. The theory focuses on how nurses care for their patients, and how that care may help promote, prevent, or restore a patient’s health. Watson states “caring is essential in nursing, and requires the nurse to have a deep connection to the spirit within the self and to the spirit within the patient” (Lachman, 2012, p.112).
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Watson’s theory may be identified as complex due to it having multiple concepts and assumptions. The relationships between the concepts are organized by identifying the core concepts for nursing. The theory was organized around ten curative factors as an underlying framework. Watson’s carative factors are seen as nurse-patient interactions that enhance the actual caring experience.
The theory is complex throughout as four concepts, seven assumptions, and ten curative factors are discussed. The theory tends to describe multiple concepts, assumptions, and factors. The theory also predicts that these concepts, and factors impact the relationship of caring and need for a healthier behavior.
General Theory
The purpose of this theory is very specific to nursing and caring. Watson focused the purpose of this theory to the core concepts of nursing keeping both the patient and environment in mind. Each concept addressed in the theory focusing to promote, prevent, and restore health. The purpose of the theory applies to each of the concepts, assumptions, and factors. Watson implies that caring can assist the person to gain control, become knowledgeable, and promote health
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Concepts within the theory are empirically identifiable and define clues that contribute to the accessibility of the theory. In the theory Watson addresses and defines the concepts of human being, health, environment, and nursing. These can better be identified as the empiric indicators. The definitions of these indicators may be easily associated with interactions to better understand and address these concepts making them empirically accessible. The empiric indicators are identifiable in reality and nursing. In reality the terms are simple and easy to address amongst different age groups to gain a better understanding on the viewpoint of caring. They are within the realm of nursing as Watson keeps in mind the nursing

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