The Importance Of Caring In Nursing

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The importance of caring within the field of nursing is significant in the overall health outcome of a patient. Caring is important for nurses to display empathy, support, and confidence, when establishing a relationship with a patient. The idea of caring is crucial when offering care to a patient and determining a care plan that is achievable. The role a nurse displays helps patients and families achieve a positive outcome. Nursing is centered on the concept of caring and the art it exhibits when achieving total human care. Nursing is an art that most have to accommodate and practice to become an expert in successful caring. A nurse must be organized, creative, flexible, and thorough with all plans and actions that need to be appropriated…show more content…
A nurse needs to address which forms of care are necessary depending on different situations. The complex situations that may occur may include severe trauma or natural disasters. With these heinous events nurses have to adapt in all ways to prompt optimal care for an individual. The nurse has to deliver human care, which is achieving an individual’s hierarchy of needs. The nurse must battle through language barriers, cultural barriers, and limited resources in order to complete vital tasks to ensure an individual’s safety (Sterling,…show more content…
A nurse is obligated to exhibit pristine skills in communication, organization, collaboration, ethics and morals (Bedin, Droz-Mendelzweig, Chappuis 2013). Communication is a key element in patient care and nursing as a result of changes in patient care, transfer of units, and discharge of a patient. The amount of accurate communication is useful in obtaining all information necessary for individualized patient care. Collaboration is a key element in patient care and nursing as a result of identifying obstacles and forming multiple opinions and suggestions in the ways to demonstrate and apply appropriate care. Ethics is a key element in patient care and nursing as a result of a nurse’s approach in determining the right choices in aiding patient care. Morals are a key element in patient care and nursing as a result of nurses actions in decisions between right and wrong. These elements help and maintain the importance of human care in nursing (Bedin, Droz-Mendelzweig, Chappuis 2013). Care is preformed at the highest standards when the staff is sensibly educated, appropriately staffed, and progresses well through out. The nurses have to recognize support, teaching, and legal protocols in order to give the most optimum care to an individual. The facilities need to analyze the staff and verify that all hours are fair, all tasks are fair, and all nurses have emotional
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