Jackie Robinson

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Back Back Back Back Back and GONE. This is what people heard many times when Jackie Robinson was up to bat whether they liked it or not. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the MLB in 1947 which changed the game of baseball forever (America’s). Jackie Robinson faced many hardships such as fans treating him harshly saying folderol while playing on the field, players treating him bad, and not having anywhere to sleep even though he was very athletic even at a very young age. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919. He was born in Cairo, Georgia and was originally named Jack Roosevelt Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the fifth child born to parents Jerry Robinson and Mallie McGriff Robinson. His grandparents and great-grandparents worked as slaves on the same property that Jackie's parents farmed. Jerry left the family to look for work in Texas when Jackie was six months old with the promise that he would send for his family once he was settled but he never returned (Georgia). After struggling to keep the farm going by herself, Mrs. Robinson realized it was impossible. She needed to find another way to support her family, but also felt it was no longer safe to stay in Georgia. Violent racial riots and hangings of blacks were on the rise in the summer of 1919 especially in the southeastern states. Seeking a more tolerant environment Mrs. Robinson and several of her relatives pooled their money together to buy train tickets. In May 1920 they all boarded a train for Los Angeles where Jackie would become a huge star as one of the best baseball players ever. Jackie Robinson realized that he was an athlete at a young age. His motivation was his older brother Mathew Robinson. Jackie’s older brother Mathew was in the 1936 Olympics... ... middle of paper ... ...player ever to have been so honored (Jackie Robinson). From a young age, Jackie knew that he would be very athletic. His skin color didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Fans screaming at him and throwing things at him didn’t stop him. Even his teammates refusing to play with him didn’t stop him. Jackie Robinson is one of the best baseball players ever and Jackie Robinson is one cool dude. Works Cited Billington, James H. America's Story. n.d. 15 May 2014 . Grimm, Laura. Bio. 2014. 15 May 2014 . Lief, Philip. Infohio. 1990. 21 April 2014 . Press, University of Georgia. Jackie Robinson. n.d. 15 May 2014 .

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